Stay Home

Here we are again, trying to make sense of the world, in the ways and means that work for us. Since the last time I spoke to you, my world took a wild spin on its axis, tossed me around and then neatly caught me to, well, quarantine me, for me to catch my breath and find my balance once again. Just a few months back, when you and I had thought that we were yeah so ready for the new decade, we really did not have a clue what this new decade had up it’s fancy sleeve. From fires that devastated acres and acres of land and wildlife, to the much needed & growing protests against fascism around the world and in my country, to now a blasted new virus, we are being shaken up since the day we stepped into this year. As I type away, my fifth day staying at home without stepping out or meeting anyone, hoping that all my loved ones and others stay safe, I know that I am not alone. You, I hope, are also at home, safe, and keeping others safe. Much love to all of you, and I will get back to doing what I do best here. Let me present to you views and rooms, to delight our aesthetically inclined little hearts 🙂

See you again soon. Stay home, Stay safe.

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  1. Well said…what a beginning!!! Hope our world becomes a better place soon…and we all have to work hard for it.
    Lovely images…restful rooms

  2. Wishing you grace, health and wellbeing during these interesting times. I always enjoy your photos.
    Thank you

  3. Thanks à millionsfor your superbs windows on a Lively Word. You are the Best remedy against despair. Take good care of you.