Sun Sand and Some Design…

The land of sun sand and sea
Also the land of
Some breathtaking Portuguese architecture
and quirky, fun coastal design!

Known as the best kept secret of Goa, ‘Elsewhere‘, dating back to 1886 has been lovingly and carefully transformed to a sumptuous but simple beach house. ‘Elsewhere’ is a house full of character, meant for those who appreciate the things that time does not change.

The white washed exteriors with eye catching rust walls. Red oxide floors


Your personal porch with a view The decor is inexpensive; design inspiration drawn from nature and utility items
Small kitchenette with painted wooden shutters

In-built sitting on the porch…a feature common in traditional homes. The idea being that weary travelers or visitors to the home can wait and rest in the shade Blue and white are a must in coastal decor
Who needs expensive bathroom accessories? A rope, some sticks, some nails could also do well!

😉 it takes a good photographer to make a jhadoo (broom) look so good as decor!

Oi! It’s that little birdie again! In Goa this time! Anyone who knows what is this bird called?Go Goa…Go Elsewhere!

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  1. The little bird is a Kingfisher. They are everywhere in India. Also the name of the beer in India. Beautiful spot I must visit. Did you make reservations and how advance do you have to book this place.

  2. I found your blog via LotusHaus. Amazing pictures, what a view. Even the bird which is a White Throated Kingfisher is a great shot! We have belted kingfishers in our area and they are load, chattering flying over the water. Thans for the post!

  3. Wow! Did you go here?!? It is heaven! I love the built-in chirs at the front porch. So wonderful….you take me away for a few minutes. Sigh. 🙂

  4. one of my greatest dreams is to vacation in Goa… your post is tempting me to just buy a plane ticket on a whim! who really needs to work anyway, right? 😉

  5. Hi Bhavna, these are amazing, so peaceful.
    I am working on a collection of homes by the water ( rivers, beaches, etc) and I have always loved the Portuguese inspired architecture of Goa. I hope to have a house in Goa sometime:)

  6. how do you find these places! it’s awesome…and somehow I expected it to cost more than it does. already dreaming of another holiday!!

  7. Are the beaches really that empty? Are there sharks or something? I googled your gorgeous bird and it seems there are lots of gorgeous birds in Goa. The one in the photo looks like a white throated kingfisher to me, but I’m not a birder really so this may be wrong. See this link for photos of goa
    It looks like a trip to Goa might turn one into a birder.

  8. Always find myself checking out your page… make me dream of having my own beach house some day 😉

    Looking forward to more updates…

  9. Being the avid birder that I am, I checked out this bird, and it is a White-throated Kingfisher, native to your area. It’s a beauty. Love the lush turquoise coloring. More common to my parts is the Belted Kingfisher, which is not as pretty. Lucky you!