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…The club that is ‘Kathryn Ireland Ojai Home Fan Club’! Thanks to this wonderful blog, I got introduced to Kathryn’s home, and have been drooling ever since! Ok, that’s not a very pretty picture and doesn’t befit this post. Let me say it again… I am mesmerized by this eclectic colorful dream that Kathryn calls home!


What I also noticed about this home is the incredible collection of textiles/furnishing inspired by Asian and Arab/Moroccan culture. Which should not be surprising since apart from being an interior designer, Kathryn also runs a successful fabric and furniture line.


So, if you haven’t been introduced to this beautiful home as yet, feast your eyes on the images below and read the complete article here:



Suzani top left. The top right fabric seems to be inspired by bandhej/bandhani. Bottom right Moroccan pouf is very similar to embroidery done by gypsy women from Kutch

Check out the coffee table!

And the outdoor are as gorgeous as the indoors!

This outdoor sitting is one of my favorites!

Sample of color accents used in the house..



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  1. this is so beautiful.. i cannot stop staring at each room… gorgeous house i must say… 🙂 thanks a lot for sharing it :):)

  2. Hello!

    Thank you so much for leaving such nice notes! i have been waaay behind in responding to all you lovely ladies! Hugs

    Geneen: She is selling the house?? We should all pool in money and buy it then! 😉

  3. How fun to see KI’s home here. I bought that issue of House Beautiful simply because of that interior! I love suzanis and her use of color and texture is wonderful, isn’t it?

  4. She is selling the house…I saw it on a real estate website for the area….how can she leave? I would have to be carried out!

  5. what a beautiful house. i looove the tiles on the staircase. the tree is sooo beautiful too. has so much character of its own. the beds look so temting… if mine were this pretty i would just stand staring at it lest i mess it up.

  6. Oh this is sooo beautiful!!! I love the pretty coloured tiles on the stairs- the bed & everything else 🙂
    I just clicked your link for fun, cause the last time I wanted to check your blog I was informed that I have to be part of your club/team to read it. I was like oh well….
    Im glad to see I can read it today! and this super cool new lok is amazing !!! & Im so glad you’ve generously given the link so we can give it a shot as well! 🙂
    for the past 15 off days some personal projects have kept me so busy- I’ve not even been able to think about my blog- let alone do anything about it. But its great to see u are back with a BANG! Big hug!

  7. Love, love, love this house! I am so glad to find others who are absolutely wild about it, too.I like her mix of ethnic things and color! I have to correct one thing in the HB article. They said the sugar and creamer on the kitchen table are Bauer pottery. They are, in fact, Mexican pottery called dripware and it is made in Oaxaca, Mexico. See for more info. Of course, I love it that she has some of “my”pottery in her house! Great blog – adding you to my favorites!

  8. Yes *sigh* here too:-)

    I am in love with the tiles on the staircase:-)

    Thanks for sharing and all the html hard-work has paid off…the blog looks very cool:-)

    All the very best!

  9. I love the bed with the posts and the lovely flower artwork. I also love the beautiful tiles on the steps. The colors are rich and beautiful!